Recent Studies at Duke University has shown that most brands of NailPolish have a couple ingredients that are very toxic, and immediately enter the bloodstream when the polish is applied.  The damage is mostly focused on the endocrine system.

The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things.

At LoveJoy Well~Being, we want you to be informed, as it seems products can end up on shelves for years that are harmful to us and the environment.  We believe you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.  In fact, there are several things that people eat, that we would not recommend putting on your skin, (or eating.)

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage.  And up to 100% in other sensitive areas of our body’s.

WASHINGTON – Researchers at Duke University and Environmental Working Group have found evidence of a suspected endocrine-disrupting chemical widely used in popular nail polishes in the bodies of more than two-dozen women who participated in a biomonitoring study.

The study, published today in Environment International, found that all women had a metabolite of triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP, in their bodies just 10 to 14 hours after painting their nails. Their levels of diphenyl phosphate or DPHP, which forms when the body metabolizes TPHP, had increased by nearly sevenfold.

“It is very troubling that nail polish being marketed to women and teenage girls contains a suspected endocrine disruptor,” said Johanna Congleton, Ph.D., MSPH, a senior scientist at EWG and co-author of the Duke-EWG study. “It is even more troubling to learn that their bodies absorb this chemical relatively quickly after they apply a coat of polish.”


Entrepreneur and eco expert Erin Schrode has dedicated her time to educating teens about healthier, safer lifestyle choices since co-founding the non-profit, Turning Green, in 2005. After learning about the dangers of toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, she launched her organization and went on to participate in a 2008 EWG study that found a host of endocrine disrupting chemicals used in everyday items in her body.


“It is alarming to think my ruby red nail polish could come with a side of toxic ingredients that could ultimately end up in my body,” said Schrode. “We cannot control far too many exposures to harmful chemicals in our world today, but each of us can become informed and spread the word, support legislation that protects our health, and make smarter choices whenever possible. By voting with our dollars we can shift the marketplace towards safer, healthier products…beginning with my own bottle of bright, glossy nail polish.”

We have found a children’s brand called Piggy Paint.  With the tagline “natural as mud,”  and have been using that for a few years.  It has grown in popularity and many stores are carrying it.

Looking for adult polish is a different story.  Mineral Fusion is our favorite so far. 100% Vegan, Formaldehyde free, DBP and Toluene Free.  61 different shades and much more in balance with our body’s and the earth.

To avoid exposing yourself and your children to TPHP in nail polish, you can find a list of brands that use TPHP in EWG’s Skin Deep®.