“Just one portion of royal jelly provides vitamins A, C and E along with most of the B vitamins. It also contains 17 different amino acids which include all of the 8 essential amino acids along with a healthy dose of calcium and iron. A study conducted in 2014 at the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran found that a daily dose of 1000mg royal jelly administered to 50 female volunteers suffering from Type II diabetes was able to improve some of the factors associated with diabetes such as oxidative stress and glycemic control. Two separate studies have also found that royal jelly may have cancer fighting abilities. In 2011, a team of researchers in Turkey based at the University of Ataturk found that royal jelly enhanced the capabilities of a cancer treatment drug known as cisplatin while protecting the liver and kidneys from damage caused by the drug’s harmful side effects. A study performed at the University of Belgrade in 2013 found that royal jelly “is effective in inhibiting cancer cell proliferation” when given in combination with four other compounds namely Resveratrol, Ganoderma lucidum, Sulforaphane, and Lycopene. Always purchase fresh royal jelly to obtain the raw enzymes rather than the capsules that have been processed and treated with heat that destroys the natural enzymes.”
~JB Bardot

LoveJoy Well~Beings Royal Jelly

It has been very hard to publicly find this quality of Royal Jelly, as the rarity of this product has been limited to a loyal group of longtime customers, ordering privately from a single farmer.  Our pricing reflects the purest quality Royal Jelly you can find.  It is unprocessed, and the product of bees whom have access to the purest of air, water, floral offerings and miles to gather their pollen away from any GMO fields or crops.

Royal Jelly contains all known amino acids (protein) and is the highest known form of acetylcholine per gram.

We provide Royal Jelly that is unprocessed, fresh, non GMO and totally organic, from bees who eat their own honey, and are not given sugar water to live off of.


Royal Jelly is a Superfood and natural antibiotic,  and taking pure and fresh Royal Jelly by mouth  disinfects the throat and stimulates the immune system.

Being 100% pure, Royal Jelly can also be used topically, on the skin, for medicinal and skin care purposes. Used on a burn, Royal Jelly numbs the pain and works to disinfect the area, form a skin coat, and rejuvenates the elastic tissue so while healing the burn the scab doesn’t crack.    It Acts as a plastic skin coat to protect it and let the oxygen move through to heal the injury.  Applying Royal Jelly restores the acid to the skin that you lose when you get a burn.  It numbs the area and takes away pain, as well as kills all forms of bacteria on contact.

Royal Jelly when eaten feeds the nervous system and produces energy and a calming effect in your body.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, royal jelly is considered a ‘yin jing’ tonic. This means it helps to generate and nourish the storing and captive energy of the body (primarily the kidney system). It directly affects the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, marrow, reproductive organs, and the hormonal centres (adrenals).


If you want a good source of natural B vitamins, royal jelly is the top source of Pantothenic acid, bar none. There is nothing richer.


Pantothenic acid is needed to make cortisone. It is needed to make all the steroids in the adrenal glands. It is needed for ovarian hormones; it is needed for estrogen metabolism. We must have it for the function of the heart to keep the heart pumping. Pantothenic acid is crucial for stimulating the production of immunoglobulins, the proteins that the white blood cells produce to protect us against viruses, bacteria, fungus and so forth.

Royal jelly is also the absolutely top source of riboflavin and the best source of pyridoxine, vitamin B6.

It is also a supreme source of albumin. Albumin is a critical thing. It is absolutely necessary for the function of the heart. It is needed for the blood and for carrying protein, and it binds the calcium and carries it to the bone. If you have a low calcium count, then the royal jelly can be helpful.

Royal jelly has an unknown substance which is four percent by weight. Nobody knows what it is. So it is one of those rare things that can’t be duplicated. We don’t know everything else that is in royal jelly. It has some unusual unknown catalysts or enzymes that help in rejuvenation.”


Bees can fly about 7 miles.


We do not take any honey from our bees. We nurture them, and winter them in airplane hangers to keep them safe from the cold, while they live off of the honey they gathered.  Our farms are completely safe from GMO and vegetable crops, because they are so far away from other farms. And they like to stay within the several mile home we have lovingly created and maintained for them for decades.


The field our bees exist in is are a harmonious blend of Art, Agriculture and Medicine.




In my travels, I have gotten to know this Bee Caretaker personally.  And he has given me a certain amount to offer publicly through LoveJoy Well~Being.  Our pricing reflects the purest quality Royal Jelly you can find.  It is unprocessed, and the product of bees whom have access to the purest of air, water, floral offerings and miles to gather their pollen.