calories = energy.  


The elements in our food, when broken down have been studied and named based on their nutritional values.  We speak in terms of calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars and then on to vitamins and nutrients.


Yet there is something else that we do not have a name for yet.  A life force in fresh foods still growing in the earth.  Something that slowly fades as it is picked from the tree or pulled from the ground. We currently have no set measurement for it yet.



A peach that has been canned or jarred may have the same calories as a fresh peach picked from a tree, yet the life force levels are very different.


In essence, we are all solar powered.  As the sun reacts with the plants and trees  through the soil of the earth, energy is transmuted into the plant in it’s entirety.  We then take it in by eating or drinking it, or as a secondary source through consuming the animal that originally ate the fruit, vegetable, leaf, root or grain.


Yet we are dependent on the energy that comes full spectrum from Sunlight.  


So if we are focusing on where the energy comes from, we can understand that in it’s natural state, is the harmonious balance of what our bodies need.  That is if it is grown with clean water, in a clean air environment.



I believe because of the need to prepare food and keep it longer for storage and transporting, we have moved past a healthy way of doing things a little, and need to readjust.  I also do not believe this is any ones fault.   Only a normal evolution in a learning cycle.  Yet now that we know there is a difference, it is our responsibility to fix it, without placing blame.  Everyone together.


In essence, this means the fresher the food source, with the least amount of processing the better.  Also to take into account the balance in the environment where the food is grown. Pesticides, over farming, unclean water, GMO’s, pollution and the general state of the surroundings all affect the potential of what grows.


The balance is always held, though sometimes unknowingly, in the consumer’s hand, literally.  What is purchased creates the demand and actually shapes the market.

This summer I was traveling in Ramona, California and was treated to lunch at a Co-Op.  They source many of their fruits and vegetables from local Organic growers.  I was absolutely blown away by the taste of the carrots, lettuce and cucumber in my sandwich.

We hope to influence the market by shedding some light on the true information that scientists and researchers are finding regarding health and well-being.

Be the Change you want to See in the World.

~LoveJoy Well~Being