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LoveJoy WellBeing We are grateful for your choice. You will find a variety of products that traditionally helped to support Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit. .

Our team has over 20 years of experience studying the extensive aspects of health and wellness on a Body, Mind and Spirit level.  And each of our handpicked products that we either create ourselves, or source from our co-creators is personally and scientifically tested in various fields, and proven to offer benefit to one’s state of well being. We also know important it is to live in harmony with our environment.

We share information and perspectives from all practices and modalities of health and wellbeing so we may assist others to educate themselves and take an active stance to bring health and wellness into our own hands.  

We do not allow paid endorsements, or paid advertisements anywhere in our business model to influence our choices on products, vendors, and information we share.  It is all personal choice about what works for us, and those we know. We focus on results we have seen, and businesses with integrity that leave the world just a little bit better than when they found it.
WOW – I love your offering of products!  I found a Jade Necklace that just called to me, and I love wearing it!  It really feels good to do business with a family company too.  Thank you!
Susan, Yoga Teacher
I wanted to tell you how amazing the Selenite lamp is that we bought from your site.  The picture was nothing compared to the actual lamp and the amazing light it gives off.  We use it nightly in our bedroom!  Everyone who comes over askes us where we found it too!
Anonymous, Mom


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