This is one of the best beginner videos ever, to be introduced into Yoga.  Adrienne is an amazing guide to the art of Yoga, which most closely translates to “union.”  Union of movement, of breath, of thought and of mindfulness is what you will discover with this video. It is a wonderful gateway for those who are curious, and not ready for studio Yoga.  And I fully believe some of the character and integrity you would seek in a teacher, is reflected in this woman’s practice.
2405, 2017

Well~Being in the World Around Us.

 Well Being exists in the Mind, Body, Emotional and Spiritual level.    Harmonizing and balancing these seemingly separate aspects of ourselves is the key to wellness.   What I have recently re-learned and wanted to share with you, is just how important it is to live in harmony with our communities and the Earth around us as well.  Though you might just think this would fall into the ‘spiritual’ category, I

107, 2016


The name Selenite comes from ancient Greek, meaning Moon and MoonGlow.  The gypsum based crystal acts as a natural fiber optic network for light. “[Stones] emit measurable frequencies of radiation in the range of infrared and ultraviolet, as well as of visible light. And although radiation from crystals is of a low intensity, because of its regularity and duration it does

2906, 2016

The 7 other limbs of Yoga

The 7 other Limbs of Yoga As Yoga has made it’s journey overseas to the western world in the last century, some of the true meaning may have been lost in translation.  There are actuality eight limbs of Yoga, as well as several different Yoga styles themselves.  Asana (posture) is only one of the limbs.  Asana, has in many instances taken over the definition of yoga leading some to believe that

1506, 2016

There is something more than “calories” that we need, and it isn’t labeled…

   calories = energy.     The elements in our food, when broken down have been studied and named based on their nutritional values.  We speak in terms of calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars and then on to vitamins and nutrients.   Yet there is something else that we do not have a name for yet.  A life force in fresh foods still growing in the earth.  Something that slowly fades as it

2105, 2016

New Study shows most Nailpolish is Toxic…

Recent Studies at Duke University has shown that most brands of NailPolish have a couple ingredients that are very toxic, and immediately enter the bloodstream when the polish is applied.  The damage is mostly focused on the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood, among other things. At LoveJoy Well~Being, we want